Morning Neighbours!


New neighbours in Fluke street (Kimberley Bennett)


Keeping the garden closed for a very good reason! (Kimberley Bennett)


To the new home in the Loch! (Kimberley Bennett)

Sunday 27th November comments: One thing you come to learn whilst living amongst wildlife is that the island  belongs to them. If the Arctic Terns want to nest on the roof you let them, if the Eiders want to nest on the road you let them and if the Seals want to pup outside your door, you let them!


Its never dull living on an island amongst such spectacular wildlife and in recent days we’ve had a new addition to the Fluke Street residency; a Grey Seal and her pup. The animal was on the main road just outside the house but gradually moved up and eventually settled at the nearby Loch. Thankfully we kept our front gates and doors shut so we didn’t have any uninvited guests!

The Isle of May is jammed packed full of wildlife but even we didn’t expect this. Its never a dull place and one thing is for sure, it’ll be a safe place for the mother to raise her pup over the forthcoming weeks as no storms will be reaching her. Someone once said, never work with wildlife…

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