December Seals


Although its December were still getting new borns


Whilst weaned pups prepare to leave


Bull seals still very evident


Time of year that mating takes place

Thursday 1st December comments: We’ve now reached the twelfth and final month of the year. The season has brought plenty of change and we’ve about to experience another transition on the island. In recent months Grey Seals have taken over the island but not for much longer as weaned pups and parents will start heading for the open sea.


Up and down the east coast, Grey Seal colonies have peaked although pups will still be born over the next few weeks (with late pups born into early January). As new born arrive, good numbers of weaned pups start forming large groups as they look to life beyond the island as the North Sea beacons.

As for the parents, the hard work is almost over. Mating takes place across the colonies once the pups are weaned and then the females will head out into the open sea to feed and put on valuable pounds which they lost during the lactation period. Bull seals will linger until all females have gone and then slowly and surely they’ll depart. By the end of this month, the Isle of May will become dormant as winter looms…

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