Counting Forth Islands


Seal pups still being born in December


Seal pup on Inchcolm


Seal colonies on beach of Inchkeith


And a lot of history with it as well

Sunday 4th December comments: Although it feels like the end of the season and (almost) end of the year, the Grey Seal colonies down the east coast are still going strong. Yesterday we helped support the Fife Seal group count seal pups across several other islands in the Firth of Forth, as populations continue to increase.

In recent years the east coast has seen a ‘Grey Seal pup boom’ with Donna (Lincolnshire) and Blakeney Point (Norfolk) seeing particular impressive increases (now some of the largest colonies in the UK). The Isle of May supports almost 2,500 pups but unlike these other colonies, use aerial surveys from the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) to quantify the islands population (we wait for final results of recent surveys).

As the population has increased, other non-disturbed areas have been utilised and the Fife Seal Group have been monitoring other small islands in the Forth. As a result the population is doing well and some good counts were achieved yesterday with full results expected by the end of the year. It’s certainly a good time for grey seals on the east coast and it’s good to be part of the group of islands which help support such important populations.

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