Time to Go


White coat moulted and looking like an adult (sort of)


Only 3 weeks old and already independent


And all colours – including jet black!

Thursday 8th December comments: Its nearly time to go. The job is nearly complete as the Grey Seal season on the Isle of May is almost done for another year (how quick has that gone?). The number of new born pups has decreased dramatically in recent days and adults are looking towards the north sea getting ready to leave.

As for the young pups, most are now independent (as independent as they can be at just three weeks of age) but these ‘weaners’ are now on there own and looking to survive. The fat reserves they’ve put on in recent weeks will help them survive their next few weeks as they’ll head to sea and learn how to fish and fend for themselves (its a hard upbringing!).

And thereafter the Isle of May will fall silent and the dormant winter season will be upon us. But not for long…because spring is just around the corner and that means one thing; seabirds! So get ready because it won’t be long…

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