Changing seasons


The view looking down the south end of the island (in early summer)


The same view following the Seal season (a bit different!)


Even the Seals were saying goodbye (Viv Hastie)

Thursday 15th December comments: We are nearly done. The end of the year is within sight and the Seal season is almost over. The handful of Seal researchers from Sea Mammal Research Unit are getting ready to leave and the island is becoming quiet (a lot of the Seals have now departed).

Following a Seal season its always interesting to look over the island and see how it has changed over the course of the year. During the summer we’ve got lush green vegetation but this died off and the Seals have turned it into a lovely mud bath (just how they like it but it will recover). The island vegetation is made of hardy stuff and by early spring we’ll be seeing new life and the annual cycle of the Isle of May will begin again.

So not long before we finish and then the hard work starts again as we’ll be planning for next year and looking back at a wonderful 2016. So the blog will continue with regular winter posts so don’t switch off, stay tuned as more news to come from the mighty Isle of May!

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