Antarctic Arctic Tern


Area marked red indicating where some Arctic Terns will currently be!


Hard to believe considering some just hatched six months ago


A stunning adult Arctic Tern

Thursday 5th January comments: Ever wondered what the wildlife of the Isle of May is up to at this very moment in time? Its now early January and whilst we prepare for the new season the wildlife is scattered far and wide…

The Grey Seal season has just finished and the majority of adult seals will be feeding and putting on valuable fat reserves whilst the youngsters will be discovering the trials and tribulations of the North Sea for the first time (its a big world out there). As for our birdlife, good numbers of Shags and Eiders will  remain around the May  whilst Guillemots and Razorbills stay in the North Sea. Puffins will go off into the North Atlantic whilst Kittiwakes head towards Greenland. However if you think that’s impressive, read about our Terns…


Sandwich and Common Terns both winter off West Africa but its our Arctic Terns that travel even further… At this very moment, east coast breeding Arctic Terns will be off the pack-ice of the Antarctic, some even beyond New Zealand in the southern oceans. Its incredible to think that a bird which weighs just 100g travels that far, but it does and will travel that far throughout its entire life (which can be 30 years or more!). So the next time you are getting your head pecked by the Terns on a summer visit to the island, just remember how far these birds have travelled. Impressive.

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