Winter Wonderland


The Isle of May looking cold and quiet


The impressive lighthouse with an impressive mid-January sky


Nothing to see here… all quiet on the May front

Wednesday 18th January comments: Its quiet, oh so quiet. Visits to the Isle of May at this time of year are undertaken just for a general check-up and yesterday we undertook such a visit.

Its interesting to see the island at this time of year as it has almost fallen into a state of dormancy with very few seabirds around (apart from groups of Shags and cackling Fulmars) whilst the Grey Seals have departed for the open sea. The only evidence of mid-winter life is with the islands rabbit population. Even the vegetation is looking sorry for itself having been wind and salt swept over the last few months.

However new life is on the horizon (as the nights get lighter) and over the next few months, the seabirds will return and we’ll have the hustle and bustle of the seabird city once again. And then it is time to visit. So get planning, get booking and visit the impressive Isle of May, the Jewel in the Forth.

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