9 weeks to go!

Sunday 29th January comments: January is almost over (where has time gone?) and we are now just nine weeks away from opening our doors for the new season. From Saturday 1st April the Isle of May will be open, with boats sailing daily (weather dependent) and we’ll have plenty on offer.

The island is famed for its spectacular wildlife and with over 46,200 PAIRS of Puffins, it’ll not disappoint. In those first few weeks of April many of our seabirds will be just returning, touching land for the first time since last August and it’ll be a great time to see them. As well as the birds, the island is steeped in history from links to early Christianity to more modern lighthouses (remember the main lighthouse is open to visit at weekends).

However if you just like a walk, the island at almost one mile long offers impressive views of the Forth, Lothian, Fife and beyond. We’ll be bringing you all the boat news this week (sailing times and links to boat companies) and remember once you’ve paid the boat fare, there are no further charges (no landing fee) so come out and visit one of the best kept secrets this side of the country. The Isle of May is waiting…

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