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The full extent of the Benedictine monastery from the mid-1100’s revealed in excavations (Fife Council Archaeological Unit)


Early Christians buried deep down underneath the later churches (Fife Council Archaeological Unit)

Friday 3rd February comments: The year of 2017 is the year of ‘History, Heritage and Archaeology’ in Fife and as a result we have some exciting plans in relation to the Isle of May. Although the island is renowned for its seabirds and seals it also has a very interesting past, dating back to the seventh century.

During the early 1990’s an archeological dig was undertaken on the island over several seasons by Fife County Council Archaeological Unit led by Peter Yeoman and they discovered just how important the island was to early Christianity. The site produced evidence suggesting early worship from the 7th century and a mosaic of buildings which were used throughout the ages.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be bringing you stories and special events surrounding the history of the island as so much was discovered. Did you know Scottish Kings made pilgrimages to the Island and what was so special about the discovery of a skeleton of a young man with a scallop shell wedged into his mouth? All will be revealed…

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