Magic Beans!


Taiga Bean Goose up close (Brian Minshull)


The tracks of the birds on Monday (Carl Mitchell)


Close up detail of the birds movements (Carl Mitchell)

Wednesday 8th February comments: The wonders of nature and the wonders of modern day technology. On Monday we received some very exciting news of some movements of Taiga Bean Geese.

Taiga Bean Geese are rare winter visitors to the UK with only two known wintering groups which can be found in Norfolk and near Glasgow. Some of the latter birds are satellite tagged and on Monday 6th February some birds decided to leave and head back to breeding grounds in northern Europe. A group departed their overnight roost near Glasgow at approximately 06:15 on Monday morning and flying east at a steady 528 metres per minute they were tracked over the Isle of May some 3hrs 14 minutes later, just after 9am.

This ‘sighting’ breaks many boundaries as it may become the first time that a species has been recorded from the Isle of May without anyone actually seeing it (ground breaking in its own right). This would represent only the second ever record of Taiga Bean Goose on the May, following two individuals together in November 2014.

Thanks must go to the Bean Goose Action Group (BGAG) for supplying the information and detail, especially Brian Minshull and Carl Mitchell. For more information on the groups work check out the website:

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