Bean there before!


After passing over the May…the winds increased!


And back home to try another day

Sunday 12th February comments: Well would you believe it! Carl Mitchell of the Bean Goose Action Group forwarded information about the movement of Taiga Bean Geese over the island earlier in the week. Well once they had passed over the island, things got interesting…

Having set off on Monday morning in relatively benign, but not ideal conditions (medium southerlies) the Geese crossed the Isle of May just after 9am. However once out into the North Sea the skein were met with strong south-easterly winds as soon as they left Scottish waters. Presumably, half way across the North Sea the birds decided to turn back but were blown to Orkney (good job they did not disappear north west between Orkney and Shetland). They then moved to Caithness before heading due south back to the wintiering grounds near Glasgow!

With the new technologies available, it allows us a remarkable insight into failed migrations, how rare birds occasionally turn up and what happens to them afterwards. So the Geese are back but the next question is, when will they have another go and will they track over the Isle of May again? All will be revealed…

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