40 days and counting…


Stunning drake Eider (now displaying)


Fulmar in flight


Shags back on the ledges

Monday 20th February comments: 40 days….until the Isle of May opens its doors to the public (interestingly the same amount of time a Puffin takes to incubate an egg before hatching). The first boats will sail on Saturday 1st April and we’ll be in full swing thereafter.

Slowly and surely spring is creeping ever closer and the seabirds are responding. Good numbers of Guillemots have returned to May waters and have been visiting the cliffs in anticipation of the new breeding season whilst the first handfuls of Puffins have been sighted. Large flocks of Eiders complete with displaying males are gathering offshore whilst Fulmars are currently stationed on their breeding ledges. Shags (who remain around the island all year) are back at nesting ledges and we’ll soon have a breeding season.

To visit the magical Isle of May check out the boat operators websites below:

May Princess (sails from Anstruther) http://www.isleofmayferry.com/

Osprey Rib (sails from Anstruther) http://www.isleofmayboattrips.co.uk/

Seabird Rib (sails from North Berwick) https://www.seabird.org/visit/boats/isle-of-may-landings/10/22/159


For further information on volunteering on the island please check out the link to the volunteer page (deadline is Friday 10th March): http://www.nnr-scotland.org.uk/isle-of-may/volunteering/

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