Seabird Season Starting


Guillemots on the cliff ledges


…with plenty of Razorbills as well


Shags looking majestic in the sun

Tuesday 28th February comments: Today we had the chance to take a closer look at the islands seabirds and to see what was happening on the island. The cliff tops were action packed as thousands of Guillemots and Razorbills were present arguing over valuable cliff ledge space and preparing for a new breeding season.

The resident Shags were looking splendid in the winter sun (complete with crest) and although a few nest structures were complete it’ll still be several weeks before the first eggs are due. Fulmars were cackling away in the usual areas whilst small groups of Eiders could be heard displaying.

The new breeding season is just around the corner as the Island opens to the public on 1st April until 1st October. However between now and then plenty more has to happen including the return of our most famous resident…the Puffins. It’ll be that time soon, you have been warned…

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