Stunning Stonechat (Mark Newell)


One of 19 on the island (Mark Newell)


It may not look much but Iceland Gulls are rare visitors to the island (Mark Newell)

Monday 6th March comments: We’ve concentrated on the arrival of seabirds and the first human visitors to the island, but we’ve also been experiencing the first migrants of 2017. Although its still far too early for the many warblers, chats and Swallows which will pass through in spring, its been more of a winter-theme to bird movements recently.

Following a few days of easterly winds the island hosted 19 Stonechats on Saturday; a very significant number for the island (the previous record was six). Supporting cast included Snow Bunting, Black Redstart and up to eight Short-eared Owls. As birds start looking to depart the UK for northern breeding grounds, small numbers of Fieldfare, Woodcock and Snipe were also recorded.

More out the ordinary was a third-winter Iceland Gull whilst at least one first-winter Glaucous Gull was also recorded. You cant take your eyes off the Isle of May regardless of the time of year and with spring on its way, we expect a lot more to follow…

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