Puffins Need You!

Breakfast (simon Chapman)

What are you eating Mr Puffin? (Simon Chapman)

Puffin with FISH (MN)

Its not all about Sand-eels…. (Mark Newell)

Puffins galore MN

Plenty of fish in the sea? (Mark Newell)


Wednesday 8th march comments: We need your help! Our friends at the at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology are studying the diet of Puffins on the Isle of May to determine the type and size of prey that the birds are bringing in and your photos can help them achieve this. If you’ve visited the Isle of May in recent years and taken photos of Puffins (and who hasn’t!) with beaks full of food, then we need those photos!

Ideally the team would like one photo per bird carrying fish with the date on which it was taken (although the year would be sufficient).  The photos will be examined to determine the prey species and relative size estimated which can then be compared with those that we have collected by catching adults. Once analysed they will be deleted and at no time published.  Photos from any year will be useful.

The photos can be uploaded to:

marknewell3 at http://www.flickr.com



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