Promoting the May

Sunday 19th March comments: During the late autumn and winter months, the job of the Isle of May reserve manager takes on a different role. Having lived on the island for up to nine months, the winter is a time to prepare for the forthcoming season and complete all the report work which goes with a nine month stint.

As part of the winter work, its also a good opportunity to promote the Island with a ‘Winter Roadshow’ which has taken us far and wide from north Northumberland up to Aberdeenshire. Yesterday we continued that promotion as we spoke at the joint BTO/SOC birdwatchers conference with over 170 delegates attending.

The theme was focused on the work we are doing to encourage more nesting Terns to the island and it was well received. It’s just another step in the right direction of promoting the May (which is also supported by our colleagues at CEH) and watch out for next winter…we maybe just coming to a town near you…

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