Touch Down!

1 Puffins on rock

Puffins touch down

2 puffin island

back on dry land after a winter at sea

Winter plumage

Some birds like the individual on left will still have traces of winter plumage

Tuesday 21st March comments: Touch-down! Yesterday proved to be a very significant date in the Isle of May diary as Puffins touched dry land for the first time this season. Having departed the island the previous August, this is the first time they have set foot on land since then!


Over the winter period, the birds have remained at sea (regardless of weather) and this significant landing is the first step in the new breeding season. Over the next few weeks birds will come and go with lots of courtship and displaying. Birds will reuse the same burrows and some may need a spring clean so plenty of work to do.

Then by mid-April, we’ll be expecting the first eggs and the breeding season will be well underway. This cycle is being repeated at all other North Sea Puffin colonies and its well worth visiting one, especially the largest colony on the Isle of May. Welcome back Puffins.

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