One Week to Go!


Saturday 25th March comments: One week to go! Its the final week before we open our doors to the public as the first boats start sailing for the May from 1st April. The island will be open almost daily until the end of September (weather dependent) and for further boat information please see the website below:

May Princess (sails from Anstruther)

Osprey Rib (sails from Anstruther)

Seabird Rib (sails from North Berwick)

And what do we have on offer….

The Isle of May supports the largest east coast Puffin colony (46,200 pairs) along with thousands of other nesting seabirds including Arctic Terns. Grey Seals can be spotted in the surrounding seas and occasionally basking on the rocks. The island itself offers stunning views of the mighty Forth and the surrounding coastline, whilst if its a stretch of the legs you want; the island at almost one mile long gives you ample opportunity to grab some fresh air.

Its not just the spectacular wildlife as the island is rich in history and we’ll have the 200 year old Stevenson Lighthouse open at weekends (free of charge) whilst various buildings are open to look inside including the South Horn and the old lighthouse keepers bath house. A visit will give you up to 3 hours on the island and once you’ve paid the boat fare, its free entry to the island. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit the mighty Isle of May!

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