Puffin Appreciation

Puffin 2 (DS)

Puffins back on the Isle of May

Puffin 4 (DS)

Up close and personal

Puffin 1 (DS)

Showing well!

Puffin 3 (DS)

Thousands ashore

Monday 3rd April comments: I’m making no excuses…today’s blog is dominated by one species; Puffins. Following the recent settled weather (just how nice has it been?) thousands of Puffins have responded and have come ashore.

All across the island, thousands of Puffins are back checking out old nest burrows and meeting up with their lifelong partners. If you enjoy these birds then I would highly recommend a visit at this moment in time as it literally is Puffin-tasic.

The birds will soon be spring-cleaning burrows and courtship will begin. The first egg laying should commence from mid-April and then the season will have really begun. Nothing beats the sight of Puffins and the Isle of May is one of the best places to see them, so come and visit.

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