Litter Lessons

1 Litter

Isle of May litter pick

2 Litter

Only 100m of beach producing rather a lot…

3 Litter

Good job done!

Thursday 6th April comments: Work on the Isle of May is very varied and at this time of year we undertake an annual litter pick around the place to collect and remove discarded litter which has gathered during the winter.

The small beach on the island, known as Pilgrims Haven, is approximately 100m long but it gives us a good snapshot of what litter issues we have. It is staggering what we collect on the beach (despite the small size) and no surprise that plastic is the number one culprit. Everything from bottles to traffic cones and even car head rests; you name it we’ve found it.

Its a sobering thought that all these items wash up on an island six miles out in the North Sea and its a trend repeated up and down the UK coastline. Plastic is certainly a big issue in the sea and we’ve done a small bit to help but help starts at home; please take litter home and please recycle if you can. Every little helps!

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