Seabird season stirs

Saturday 8th April comments: Seabird islands up and down the country are starting to stir into action as thousands of birds return to nest on these sanctuaries off shore. The story on the Isle of May is no different as Shags have started nesting (first eggs discovered late March) with the Auks (Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins) set to follow.

Throw in over 1,000 nesting female Eiders, a mixed bag of Terns (Arctic, Common and Sandwich) and a lot of Kittiwakes; then you have one of the most impressive seabird colonies this country has to offer. And if we’ve not mentioned before, its well worth a visit. Apart from the ferry costs, it is all free; you’ll get up to three hours on the island in the largest Puffin colony on the east coast of Britain.

This summer we’ll also be opening the famous Stevenson Lighthouse at weekends whilst hosting a number of events throughout the season. So check out the ‘Jewel of the Forth’ with links to the various boats below:

To visit check out the following boat operators websites for sailing times:

May Princess (sails from Anstruther)

Osprey Rib (sails from Anstruther)

Seabird Rib (sails from North Berwick)

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