1 Dolphin

Small pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins (Ed Thomson)


Showing well from yesterday boat (Ed Thomson)


Dolphins in the Forth (Ed Thomson)


Great views(Ed Thomson)

Tuesday 11th April comments: A visit to the Isle of May is one of those ‘must do bucket list’ trips which will never disappoint. The wildlife is spectacular with thousands of breeding seabirds, the views are inspiring and you just never know what you may see. This is wildlife after all…

Yesterday on the return journey back to Anstruther the main visitor boat was welcomed by a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins. The pod, occasionally seen during the summer months, showed well as they moved past the boat much to the delight of the many visitors onboard. With regular sightings of Minke Whale in July-August and Harbour Porpoise all year round, even before you set foot onto the island you may just encounter something special.

As the seabirds continue to prepare for a new breeding season, the May really is starting to become the place to visit. Soon we’ll be welcoming our Terns back and then it really will be all go!

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