Next few days…

Puffin 1 Iain English

Puffin on the May (Iain English)

2 Puffin Ian English

A gathering of Puffins (Iain English)

3 Puffin Iain English

and many thousands (Iain English)

Wednesday 12th April comments: Its been a strange start to the seabird season, as it started, then stopped and now we hope it’ll restart again. In recent days we’ve had some strong winds from the west preventing boats from sailing and pushing the birds out to sea.

At this time of year, as birds are not fully settled all the Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins will just move off out to sea. However as its calming (wind decreasing) the urge to return and start egg laying will take over. Hopefully over the next few days we should witness a large arrival of birds again and then we can get down to the serious side of the breeding season.

Its not just the Auks, but we should be boasting our first nesting Eiders soon (watch your feet as they nest on the path) and a few others like our Great Black-backed Gulls. Soon the Seabird city will be alive and it’ll be a stunning time to visit…

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