20 years and counting

2 mark weighing chicks

Mark starting his 20th year on the Isle of May…


One of only two people to see more than 200 species on the May!

Thursday 13th April comments: As well as the seabirds, it’s also the time of year when various staff return to the island. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the reserve staff return, the Bird Observatory open its doors, the public welcomed back and today the final piece of the jigsaw as the researchers returned.

During the summer months the Isle of May is a beehive of activity as researchers from CEH concentrate on several key species on the island, looking at everything from breeding success to dietary requirements. As part of the team returned today, for one person it was a special anniversary…

Today saw Mark start his 20th season on the island having lived and worked from April-July every year on the May since first setting foot on the island. We hope it’ll be another successful one for Mark and everyone connected to the island and now we have everyone back, we can now look forward to the season ahead. Over to you Puffins….

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