Watch your Feet!

Eider looking

You looking at me? Drake Eider


Coming soon…female Eider nesting

Eiders galore

Eider numbers increasing daily

Saturday 15th April comments: In recent days we’ve been talking about the breeding Auks of the island but we are also welcoming many other nesting species. One of those; the Eider ducks have been increasing in numbers daily with prospecting pairs inspecting the island looking for suitable nesting sites.

It’ll be a matter of days before we discover our first sitting females on eggs. Eider ducks nest in good number on the island with over 1,200 females counted last year (the drakes don’t help in any of the incubation work) as the females will lay clutches of 4-5 eggs and incubate for four weeks.

After only 24 hours of the chicks hatching, the females will take the chicks to the open sea and away to the relative safety of the nearby coastline (away from predatory Gulls). So the next time you are visiting, keep your eyes peeled and look out the Eiders…some even nest on pathways so watch your feet!

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