Eider Eggs!

Eider up close

Up close…female Eider

Eider feathering

Intricate Eider feathering

Monday 17th April comments: Well we predicted it and its happened. Our first incubating female Eider has been discovered this morning on the island, indicating the start of the nesting season for the species.

A number of birds have been prospecting nesting grounds in recent days and it came to no surprise that we discovered our first nesting individual. However this is the first of many as the Isle of May supports over 1,200 nesting females!

Over the next few weeks, more and more will settle with displaying males sticking to the Loch on the island and its well worth viewing (and hearing!) as the breeding season continues to advance. With Guillemots settled on the cliffs, we suspect they’ll be next to lay…

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