Puffin eggs!

Puffins pair

Puffin pair on Isle of May

Puffin egg

First Puffin egg of the new season

puffins on rocks

Puffins chilling out on the island

Tuesday 18th April comments: Each day appears to bring new egg news from the seabird colonies on the Isle of May and today was the most noticeable to date. This morning our first Puffin egg was discovered on the island!

Despite the unsettled start, the birds have obviously settled enough to lay the first egg and over the next few weeks we expect mass laying across the colony. Puffins will incubate for forty days before the chick hatches so hopefully it’ll be late May when the first sand-eels are being brought in. Then it really will be all go.

Until now, we’ll settle for the first egg and will enjoy the sights and sounds of the Puffins as they’ll settle on the island. And why not join us? Boats sail almost daily from now until 1st October and its well worth a visit.

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