Egg-tastic Seabirds

Guille on egg

First Guillemot eggs of the season

Puffin 4 (DS)

Puffins now incubating

GBB GUll egg (MN)

Monster egg; GBB Gull now nesting (Mark Newell)

Shag head

Shags been incubating since late March

Thursday 20th April comments: The seabird season is well and truly upon us now as a number of species are now incubating. Following the usual early suspects; the Shags (which have been incubating eggs since 29th March) were followed by the largest of the Gulls, the Great Black-backed Gull on 16th April.


Then followed a rush of ‘first egg’ dates as Eiders were discovered on 17th April followed by Puffin and Guillemot on 18th April. It’ll still be a few weeks before the majority of birds are sitting and we should have Razorbills on eggs very soon.

However we still await some birds (never mind their eggs) as our Terns are yet to arrive; the month of May is when all that excitement begins. Until then we’ll enjoy (and share) the birds we do have including 46,200 Puffins…yes we have a few!

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