A wild, windy May


Northerly swell crashing on the island


Puffins still happy in the sleet


A pair of Eiders finding the perfect nesting site – life as normal for the birds.


Definitely a wind swept look today  

Tuesday 25th April comments: It’s a bitterly cold day here, as everywhere, but that 20mph northerly wind has certainly dropped the temperature, so it’s been a day in the office sheltering from the elements catching up on the computer work. It’s alright for some, with our seabirds without the luxury of popping the kettle on!

Seabirds however, cope well, being hardy creatures and it’s business as usual for them, with breeding activities happening regardless of the weather. We are lucky that this is the start of the season and those that have eggs will  be sitting tight keeping their eggs nice and warm, if it was later on when chicks are about it might have been a different story.

Eiders are still pairing up and walking across the island tops finding a suitable nesting site and those that have laid, sitting tight on their eggs on a bed of Eider down will be quite cosy.

The weather is due to improve soon, with a possible warm snap and a period of easterly winds on their way. This could be just what is needed to encourage the rest of the seabirds to settle down and could also mean migration kicks in too, bringing north bound migrants our way after a quiet start to the spring migration season.

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