Marvelous Migrants

lesser redpoll (JC)

Lesser Redpoll (with yellow crown!) Jamie Coleman

WooD Warbler (JC)

Wood Warbler still present (Jamie Coleman)

Whesatear (JC)

Wheatears on the move (Jamie Coleman)

Thursday 4th May comments: In recent days the island (and the blog!) have been dominated by migrating birds on the May as hundreds of birds have been recorded since the winds switched direction on Sunday.

The volumes of birds has been impressive with several species of warblers, pipits and chats scattered across the island. Interestingly as well as birds arriving from southern winter quarters (such as Willow Warblers, Wheatears and Whinchats), we’ve also had birds heading out to northern breeding grounds such as Fieldfare, Brambling and Redwing (more associated with winter).

Its been an exciting week to be on as the treeless terrain offers observers great views of many birds (many can be seen feeding on rocks or the ground) and island birding is something to behold. In other news we’ll bring you a full seabird update at the weekend (as we now have Shag chicks) but until then we’ll let you enjoy yet more stunning photographs of the migrants scattered across the island. The Isle of May, it never disappoints.

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