Waking up the Kitts

Kittiwake (Joe Turner)

Stunning Kittiwake on the cliffs (Joe Turner CEH)

Kittiwake copulatiing (JOe Turner

Copulating Kittiwakes (Joe Turner CEH)

Kittiwake nest build

Nest building activity underway

Sunday 7th May comments: Whilst the migratory birds have been capturing the headlines in recent days there has been plenty of seabird breeding activity across the island. The most noticeable has seen our Kittiwakes copulating and frantically start nest building in recent days.

Good numbers of Kittiwakes were back on cliff ledges in April but activity was slow with very little noteworthy behaviour. However over the last few days we’ve seen a noticeable increase with hundreds of birds searching for suitable nest material (in most cases soft mud) to which they build their perilous cliff nests.

Copulation has also been noted and it will only be a matter of time before the first eggs are discovered. Then we’ll await the terns and the Isle of May will be the complete Seabird City. Our seabird breeding season continues!

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