Kittiwake Eggs

1 Kitt (JCao

Stunning kittiwakes of the Isle of May (Jamie Coleman)

1 Kitt (JC)

Kittiwake in yesterday stormy seas (Jamie Coleman)

3 JC

No boats arrived yesterday! (Jamie Coleman)

Tuesday 9th May comments: We know our seabirds. Having witnessed the increased activity with Kittiwakes collecting nest material, the first eggs were discovered this morning (as predicted). Interestingly the first Kittiwake egg laying date has varied dramatically in recent decades but the 9th May is considered an ‘expected time’ for laying.

The island in recent days has been battered by northerly winds and yesterday the sea was impressive, with huge waves crashing along the eastern edge. Not surprisingly the boats cancelled and we got on with daily working life but hopefully the sea will settle very soon to allow our visitors back to enjoy the spectacular Isle of May.

Its now all go on the Isle of May as the seabird season continues and our next egg prediction; Fulmar eggs (you heard it here first) followed by our terns (later in the month). If you’ve never experienced a seabird colony, we’d highly recommend a visit, so don’t delay…

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