Seabird City Update

Puffins Jamie coleman

Puffins well settled and established on nests (Jamie Coleman)

Guillemot colony (Joe Turner)

majority of Guillemots now on eggs (Joe Turner)

Kittiwake nest (Jamie Coleman)

Kittiwakes nest building but some now on eggs (Jamie Coleman)

Razorbill leap (Stef gardener)

Lots of razorbills now on eggs (Stef Gardener)

Wednesday 10th May comments: The seabird season has settled and we are well into the swing of things as the majority of birds are now incubating. We don’t have many more species to lay eggs (just the typical late arrivals) but here is an update of the seabird breeding season so far on the Isle of May:

Puffin: Settled in burrows with parents incubating. The first egg was discovered on 18th April with the first chicks expected to hatch in late May

Guillemot: The majority of birds now incubating following the discovery of the first egg on 18th April

Razorbill: Good numbers present (we had 3,570 pairs last year) with the first eggs discovered on 22nd April

Shag: Always the first to start, the first eggs were discovered on 29th March with the first chicks hatching on 2nd May

Kittiwake: Following recent nest building activity, the first eggs were discovered on 9th May with plenty more to follow  

Eider: The first sitting female was discovered on 17th April with the first chicks expected to hatch next week

Terns: Good numbers have now arrived with aerial displays over the island. Birds will eventually settle to nest from the third week of May.

Fulmar: The first eggs should be discovered in the next week but good numbers present on the cliff ledges

So as you can see its all go on the Isle of May and its well worth a visit as the next four months are going to be buzzing with activity. It wont be long before the ‘head-peckers’ are nesting and then the fun will really begin…

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