Eastern Spice

RB Flycatcher (David Stafford)

Stunning male Red-breasted Flycatcher (David Stafford)

RB FLy 22

One of the best to have ever been seen on here

Subalpine Warbler

Rare! male eastern Subalpine Warbler (David Stafford)

Friday 12th May comments: Boom. We anticipated it and it happened. The wind switched to the south-east and over the last few days we’ve been seeing a new arrival of migrant birds across the island. Various warblers, chats and Pipits have been arriving but the headlines were grabbed by two birds from the east…

A stunning male Red-breasted Flycatcher was discovered on the sheltered beach of Pilgrims haven early morning and it was ringed….but not by us (for once). The bird was sporting a ring on its leg and by mid-morning it had been caught and we discovered it had been ringed in Sweden (a very nice ringing recovery). Once the finer settled weather comes back to us, this bird will no doubt correct itself and head back to the breeding grounds in the north.

Following that excitement, later in the day a male Eastern Subalpine Warbler was discovered at the north end of the island (a potential ‘first’ of this race to have occurred on the island). However unlike the Flycatcher, the bird proved very elusive (even by island standards) but was well received by all who saw it. The Isle of May never disappoints…

For full bird sighting highlights each day, check out the Isle of May Bird Obs sightings page:  http://www.isleofmaybirdobs.org/birds/news


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