Eider chicks!


First Eider chicks of the new season (Bex Outram)



A very watchful mother (Bex Outram)


Fulmar egg

First Fulmar Egg of the year (Beckie Lakin)

Sunday 14th May comments: The season continues to advance and the weekend brought even more seabird breeding news. The first Eider chicks were discovered on top of the island (near the lighthouse) and eventually made their way to the Islands loch (a reasonable distance for the five small chicks to walk).

However the family party soon joined lots of other Eiders on the Loch and over the next few weeks, more and more chicks will hatch. Despite this, we still have adult females just settling on nests so as expected it’ll be a protracted season.

One bird which knows about how to take its time is the Fulmar. The first egg was found today but the chicks won’t hatch until early July. Staggeringly those chicks will then not fledge until late August, showing you just how long their breeding season will last. So the Isle of May seabird season continues to advance and next stop; the terns.

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