Dolphin Delight!

Monday 22nd May comments: What a start to the new week! As the boats were sailing from Anstruther to the Isle of May this morning the boats encountered a pod of Dolphins (Bottle-nosed Dolphins) which put on a tremendous show for all who witnessed them as they were seen to leap several times from the water (and thanks to May Princess staff member and photographer Ed Thomson for the photos).

In recent weeks this pod has been seen on several occasions hugging the Fife coastline and with the help of photographs, individuals within the pod have been identified. This identification process has revealed that this pod has been seen as far south as the Farne Islands (Northumberland), Whitburn (Durham) and even off the Yorkshire coast.

Regardless of their origins, it was a great wildlife experience which everyone enjoyed. It just shows what you can see when you visit a place like the Isle of May and its well worth a visit. That exciting news was followed soon after with news of our first Puffin chicks hatching….but more on that tomorrow! Until then enjoy the Dolphins.

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