Puffins sandeels3

Puffins with a mouthful of sand-eels for a hungry chick

Puffin with big fish

Its not all about sand-eels…sprats are good as well

2 Puffin chick

Not one of this year but just a sneak preview of what a Pufflin looks like

Thursday 25th May comments: Welcome to the world Pufflins! The big news we’ve been waiting for in recent days has finally happened as the first of the Puffin chicks has hatched. Over the next few weeks, thousands of chicks will hatch across the island and then we are into the serious end of the season for the parents.

Adult Puffins will now be frantically bringing in sand-eels all day every day, feeding the hungry youngster until it hopefully fledges forty days after hatching. However don’t expect to see one of the new-born as chicks stay underground in their burrows safe away from predators (but check out the sneak preview of one of last year’s chicks).

However you should now get some great views of Puffins as they actively return with food throughout the day. Puffin chicks (also known as Pufflins) are raised over a forty day period and then eventually, without parents’ consent, they’ll leave their burrows under the cover of darkness and head for the open sea. However more on that later… Now just come out and visit for some real Puffin action!

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