The Sound of Chicks


Two little heads poking out from underneath their mother


Two hungry mouths to feed


Beak full of fish for its’ youngster


Eider duckling copying its mum; preening after a swim

Monday 29th May comments: It’s that time of year when you start to hear the high pitch peeping of chicks as eggs are hatching all across the island.  Over the last couple of days Guillemots have started to hatch on the cliffs and the ledges will soon be full of youngsters and a hive of activity with adults coming and going on feeding trips.

Eiders are still hatching with females taking their ducklings down to the water and forming crèches, teaching them what it is like to be an Eider.  Shags are at various stages, some with medium chicks and other still sitting tight incubating eggs. They have quite a protracted breeding season and can still be busy into August.

With every new day we are seeing more and more Puffins flying over carrying beaks of fish for the hungry pufflings underground in their burrows. They will be fed many times each day for around fourty days and grow at a rapid rate before they head out to sea.

Over the next couple of months the activity of the parents will increase as more chicks hatch and grow. This is the peak of the seabird season and is one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the British Isles. The small size of the May combined with the high density of seabirds make it a visit at this time of year a truly memorable experience.

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