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Sandwich Terns on eggs!


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Thursday 1st June comments: The first day of June and yet more good news coming out of the Isle of May NNR this morning. A pair of Sandwich Terns have been discovered on an egg at the beacon colony on the purpose built ‘Tern Terraces’ the second consecutive year the species has now bred.

The pair have been lingering for a few weeks and have finally settled and we hope a repeat of last year occurs; once one pair arrived several more soon followed (a total of 21 pairs bred last year). Its great news for the island and the hard work which has been put in to help encourage more Terns to nest.

We’ve now got three species of terns on eggs; Sandwich, Arctic and Common Terns and we’ll be bringing you a full round-up of all the latest seabird news in tomorrow’s blog, so tune in then! The Isle of May, its the happening place…

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