Seabirds Galore

Cliffs (Joe Turner CEH)

Action packed seabird cliffs (Joe Turner CEH)

Guillemot hatching (Joe Turner)

New life; Guillemot chick hatching (Joe Turner CEH)

Tern (Joe Turner CEH)

Mind your head! Arctic Tern attacks (Joe Turner CEH)

David Steel (4)

Puffin of the May

Saturday 3rd June comments: We are in the thick of it now. The seabird breeding season is full on and if you want to experience the sights, sounds and smells (!) of an active seabird colony, then now is the time to visit.

On the island we have Puffins with young (since 22nd May), Guillemot young (since 20th May) and Razorbill young (since 24th May). Add large numbers of Eiders with ducklings and Shags with well grown young, you start getting an idea of the immense nature of the Isle of May National Nature Reserve.

However not all our seabirds are that advanced, as the Terns (Arctic, Sandwich and Common) have all just settled on eggs whilst Kittiwakes and Fulmars are still incubating. We are now entering a crucial stage of the season where we need good weather and plenty of sand-eels for the birds to ensure we are celebrating a successful season come August (which is the month our seabirds depart). Until then we’ve got a lot of seabirds and a lot more to happen over the next few months…so don’t miss out.

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