Flaming June

Flood 2

Doom clouds approach as rain arrives on Isle of May (John Nadin)

Flood 3

The bleak view of the island yesterday

Flood 1

Puffin burrows starting to flood…

Wednesday 7th June comments: So much for the British summer. Its early June and the weather in recent days has made it feel more like mid-Autumn than sunbathing weather. The Isle of May has been shrouded in fog, with rain showers (heavy at times) over the last few days and its all been a bit grim.

Bad weather at this time of year can be catastrophic as strong wind can whip up the sea and wash off eggs and young of many of the cliff nesters. Heavy persistent rain will lead to Puffin burrow flooding with the loss of anything inside whilst tern chicks are very vulnerable to a drop in temperatures. This is the crucial time and we could do without any blips, especially with the weather.

However we’re pleased to report despite a few soggy entrances to some Puffin burrows, and a few bedraggled Guillemots, everything is okay as the weather has not maintained itself and more settled (even sunny!) weather is forecast. We’re hoping that’s the last of any unsettled weather and the seabirds can get on with business of raising their chicks.

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