Minority May


Muddy Puffin

Puffin 2 nest material

Time for a bill clean

Puffin 1 nest material

Nest material going into burrow

Friday 9th June comments: Having experienced a very dry spring (almost drought conditions on the island) we’ve certainly made up for it in early June. In recent days we’ve had heavy persistent rainfall and although we can cope with it (we are in our warm houses) our seabirds are starting to struggle.

Standing pools of waters are now forming and more crucially a small minority of Puffin burrows are starting to waterlog (some Puffins are looking muddy!). However these hardy seabirds are resilient little birds and some have been seen taking fresh nest material down burrows to help absorb the dampness.

On a brighter note, the weather forecast looks reasonable (no more rain) so the nesting birds will survive and will hopefully go on to have a very successful breeding season. However it just goes to show, the wrong weather at the wrong time of year can be so crucial as it can make or break a season.

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