Tern Terraces

Terrace (Joe Turner)

Specialist Tern terraces attracting nesting Terns (Joe Turner CEH)

Tern city

A Good mix: Nest boxes and Terns

Arctic Tern

A stunning adult Arctic Tern

Monday 12th June comments: Seabirds, like many birds can respond well to active management and in recent years on the Isle of May NNR we’ve been doing our bit for the nesting terns on the island.

In one area of the island we’ve been transforming areas of nettle and rank vegetation into specialist ‘tern terraces’ to help encourage and increase the number of nesting terns. The idea is simplistic enough as we have large beds of gravel and sand complete with specialist Tern boxes. Throw in lots of hard work, some great help (especially from the SOC/IOM/CEH/SNH Bird Obs Young Birders Course) and we have a winning formula.

The nesting Terns have responded to this management and we’re delighted to see so many now nesting on the Isle of may. We are completing our counts and crunching numbers and we’ll reveal the extent of the success of the management. Until then the terns will keep on enjoying and soon we’ll have some breaking news…we should have tern chicks!

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