Seabird Season

Razor in flight (Joe Turner)

Razorbills on the impressive west cliffs (Joe Turner CEH)

Puffin on wall

Puffins on a wall (as you do)

A Tern

Good numbers of breeding Arctic terns

Kittiwake at nest

Kittiwakes with youngsters

Saturday 17th June comments: We are at the peak of the seabird season on the island as the majority of species now have chicks (only Fulmar still to go which will happen in early July). Parents are now actively foraging in the surrounding seas as they have hungry mouths to feed and its some undertaking as birds fish from first light until dusk.

At present, despite the recent rain it appears to be a reasonable season although we wont know until all the numbers are crunched and the season is over. Its a crucial time for the success of the colony as any hiccups now will result in a premature end and failure for the birds. However early signs are good with plenty of sand-eels coming in at present (the main food source for our thousands of seabirds) and long may it continue.

If you want to see a seabird colony at its best, its well worth a visit, so don’t delay book today! You’ll not be disappointed but please remember to bring a hat…Arctic terns like pecking heads! You’ve been warned.

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