Puffin Parade

(DS) 8th June e

Food galore; Puffin with Sand-eels (John Nadin)

(DS) 4th June b

Just showing off!

(DS) 2nd June b

Puffins on the Isle of May

Thursday 22nd June comments: I make no apologises for it, as today’s blog post is all about one bird; Puffins. The island supports one of the largest populations in the UK (over 40,000 pairs) and if you want to see one, just come and visit as they are showing fantastically well.


All the Puffins are now feeding hungry youngsters and over the next few weeks the activity will intensify as the youngsters grow bigger. Its a fantastic sight to see as thousands of Puffins swirl across the island and if you’ve not been, we highly recommend a visit.

Touch wood, the food supply (Sand-eels) appears good this year so we are hoping for a bumper crop of young to fledge. The first should depart its burrow in early July as we’ll soon be entering the business end of the season. Once the chicks depart, that is mission complete for the parents and they’ll linger for a few more weeks before eventually departing for the open sea and will not return until the following spring. Puffins we salute you.

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