Over (but not) Out

Wet Guillemots

Very wet and bedraggled nesting Guillemots on cliff ledges (spot the chick!)

Wet puffin burrows

Puffins burrow entrances with standing water

tern chiikkiie

…but we have life…Arctic Tern chick

Friday 30th June comments: Its over. The 24 hours of doom (as I’ve called it) is over as the north-easterly gales and driving rain have disappeared leaving a very wet and bedraggled (and shell shocked) Isle of May behind.

The extent of the damage caused by the unseasonal (horrid!) weather will not be fully revealed until we’ve assessed all the colonies, but we are just pleased its over. Seabirds are tough, resilient creatures and it appears the damage may be minimal (which is rather surprising considering how cold, wet and windy it was yesterday).

However we’ll take it as a positive (any positive will do at this moment) and hope that it is the end of the poor weather for the time being and the seabirds can get on with what they do best on the island; raise chicks. Lets just hope the next few crucial weeks is calm and sunny, surely we are not asking much, are we? Bring on the summer…

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