Pufflins on the March!


Adult Puffin with a Pufflin!


Fledged! Young Pufflin free and independent


Up close…a Pufflin found and ready for release

Sunday 2nd July comments: Its that time of year; we’ve got Pufflins on the march. The first Puffin chick was discovered fledging in late June and over the next 5-6 weeks, we’ll see thousands of youngsters leave for the open sea.

Having been confined to underground burrows for approximately forty days, the youngsters are ready to fledge. Without parents consent and under the cover of darkness (to avoid predators) the youngsters leave for the open sea. Many of the birds on here will actually use the roads and pathways to walk down to sea but sometimes things go slightly wrong…

Having never seen the outside world these youngsters can be found in all manner of places early in the morning from the houses we live in to the public toilets on the island! However it all ends well as we’ll collect, ring and then release them on their merry way. Its all part of living on an island and giving our Pufflins a helping hand.

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