1 hiding

You cant see me…right (Pufflin hiding in stone wall)

2 ready to go

Picked up, boxed and ready for release

3 boxed

Along with his other friends

4 Pufflin

Ready to go!

Tuesday 11th July comments: Walkers are stirring on the Isle of May NNR as during the twilight hours, things are going bump in the night…. thankfully for the residence of the island it’s more about Puffin chicks than zombies.

Puffins nest underground for several reasons but one of the main advantages is that the vulnerable chicks are safe from aerial predators such as the large Gulls. However having spent 40 days down a burrow it’s time for them to fledge and move out.

Since late June, Puffin chicks (known as Pufflins) have been on the move as birds have been leaving their burrows (without parents’ consent) under the cover of darkness to avoid predation. These ‘walkers actually walk to sea rather than fly when leaving but sometimes things don’t go according to plan as some will become lost on the way (after all they’ve not seen the outside world before!).

However it’s not all bad news as help is on the way as the island team go about collecting these lost individuals and release them safely out at sea (just giving them a helping hand). During this process we also ring them to allow us to follow their movements if they are discovered in future years. So there you have it, the Isle of May walkers are walking in good numbers at the moment as its Pufflin season!

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