Two-barred Crossbill!!


Two-barred Crossbil!! (Sarah Long)


Showing well on the Isle of May this evening (Sarah Long)


A rare from the east! (Sarah Long)

Monday 24th July comments: The magic May! You never underestimate the Isle of May as even in quiet times the wonders of migration can bring about something different. This evening volunteer Sarah Long was out photographing a Siskin when she came across another bird….

That bird has proved to be a Two-barred Crossbill, a very rare visitor to the UK which breeds in coniferous woodlands across northern Scandinavia and Russia. This represents the third record for the Isle of May with previous singles in July 2001 and August 1997.

It just shows you the magic of the Island in any weather and at any time of year and hopefully it will remain for a few days to allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy this rare arrival.

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