Isle of Mays Recent Sightings

Yesterdays Red Kite being mobbed by Arctic Terns

Minke Whale off the east side (Sarah Long)

Two-barred Crossbill still present today

Saturday 29th July comments: We have had a few unusual sightings over the past couple of days. It started off with the Two-barred Crossbill on Monday (still present today), feeding up on the Hogweed seeds, slightly different to the pine cones that they usually feed on.

Yesterday lunchtime we heard a commotion with the Terns and they were busy mobbing a juvenile Red kite. They chased it off over the South Plateau for it to then be mobbed by the Gulls. The seabirds here aren’t very welcoming to raptors, this morning an Osprey flew over and again the gulls saw it off the island.

The Isle of May is a great place to witness migration as many birds will use it as a fuel stop on their way south or as a waypoint when crossing the Firth of Forth. The unpredictability of autumn migration keeps you constantly on your toes, you never know what’s going to be around the next corner!

Aside from the birds, on Thursday we saw a Minke Whale of the east side feeding in the waters close to island. It was first seen early morning and then again in the same spot for around 40 minutes early evening. It is now the beginning of the cetacean season and hopefully we should be seeing more around from now on.

With all this going on and still plenty of seabirds around, it’s a great time to come out and visit.

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